So you're interested in hiring a magician for your wedding? Well, I am of course very biased in favour of this decision for a whole host of reasons I'm sure I don't have to specify! What does matter is whether or not having a magician at your wedding is a good fit for you on your special day.

1. Why Hire a Wedding Magician?

• Breaking the Ice

A wedding is two families coming together, sometimes more (hopefully not less...), and many members of both sides may not have met before. They can sometimes need a little encouragement to talk to one another, and a magician is a perfect ice breaker. It gives people a reason to come together as a group and then giving them all a talking point around which they can discuss and get to know one another.

• Raising the Energy

I've said it before that a magician's priority at any event is to raise the energy of those around them, to lift spirits and create noise wherever they go. The other reason this added bonus is worth considering is that even the guests who aren't directly involved in each performance can hear the sounds of people screaming, laughing and generally enjoying themselves, which will build the suspense, curiosity and excitement of your big day!

It goes without saying of course that your wedding day is one of the most magical days of our lives, and as a magician, getting to amplify that kind of energy, is not only a joy and a pleasure but a sight to behold for you and your guests!

• Filling gaps in your schedule

We both know that your wedding will be like a well-choreographed dance, with one part of the day seamlessly blending into the next, but that isn't the case for everyone's big day.

After all, if you've ever been to a wedding, I'm sure you can recall moments when there wasn't very much going on, leaving guests to their own devices, not that that is the end of the world by any means. This could also happen between courses, while the bride and groom are having their private photo shoot or while waiting for them to arrive after the ceremony. These moments are the perfect opportunities to have a bit of extra entertainment thrown in to help everything throughout the day continue smoothly.

• Being an MC for the day

Along with performing in those transitional moments during a wedding, your magician can also play the part of a Master of Ceremonies. This allows the magician to work with you and to help your day run smoothly, and no one gets upset when a magician barks orders at them (at least not when I've done it).

• Clearly defining a transitional moment in the wedding.

If your magician is performing magic to all of your guests at once, doing a grand cabaret or stage performance as it were. Then the conclusion of their performance will make for an excellent opportunity to have them introduce the next part of the wedding, perhaps they perform after the meal, and then they lead everyone into the first dance?

• Bringing out the best in your guests for the photographic memories

When it comes to photographs, having a magician can mean you get fantastic shots of your guests enjoying themselves to the fullest extent! After all, everyone looks better when they're smiling!

Now if you've made it this far, you may be seeing why I am so biased towards having a magician at your wedding! The next question to ask, though, is:

2. When should you have your Wedding Magician Perform?

In the earlier paragraphs (maybe this whole thing is too long and wordy...oh well, too late to go back now...because...reasons) I touched on a few possible times when a magician could perform. Here are some of those suggestions again and a few more. The thing to remember though is that this is your special event and you can set things up however you like, so don't feel like these are your only options!

• During the Photographs

Immediately after the ceremony, there is usually a window of time where the bride and groom are having their personal photoshoot done, followed by group photos of the immediate family and wedding party. This is the perfect time to have a magician walk around amongst your guests, entertaining them and helping them all come together. Especially as not everyone will be in every photo, you will want to make sure they know that they are still very much a part of your wedding and have certainly not been forgotten

• During the reception

This is that time when everyone at your wedding is first coming together and mingling freely. The problem is that most people at this stage will be drawn to the people they know, greeting one another and making pleasantries with one another. For the most part, alcohol is only just starting to be provided, and guests need a bit of encouragement to break out of their shell and begin really enjoying themselves.

• During meal-time

Whenever there is a sit-down meal for your guests, be it place seated or otherwise, your guests will almost certainly end up sat next to people they haven't met yet or that they just don't know very well. They're also going to be sat next to one another for up to three hours depending on how your day is scheduled.

This is the perfect time for a bit of magic, and it provides a wonderful focus for the whole table as they wait for the next course or round of drinks. As a close-up magician, I love performing table magic as it provides an ideal stage to perform at and with, but also frees up your guests' hands to get involved with the performance, handling props and the like without having to balance a glass in one hand and a canapé in the other.

• During the Evening Reception

After a delicious meal and the speeches have been given, the evening reception can begin. There will no doubt be a band or a DJ to provide music, but not everyone will be ready to dance right away, they will in time of course! Though before that moment arrives, this is another lovely moment to have your guests entertained.

So now you know that you want a magician, and you know when, so the big final question is:

3. How much does a Wedding Magician cost?

Well, how long is a piece of string? The problem for there being no simple answer to this question is the number of variables! As I've always liked to say, every wedding is unique, and the prices should reflect that.

However, on the flip side of that, I can provide an accurate quote after a free consultation, in person or over the phone, with just a few pieces of information.

• What time you would like the performance?

• Where is it all happening?

• How long will I be on site and how long will I be performing?

• How many guests will be there?

• Which services you would like included?

With this information, I will have everything I need to make your day as magical as it can be.

In fact, with this information, any decent magician will be able to provide everything you need! If however, you think I might be what you're looking for, get in touch via the contact form below for a free consultation and quote!

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