Trade Shows

Having a Magician at your stand for your next trade show

Trade shows can be, and are, an ideal place to exhibit your company and the incredible work you do, though they can require a considerable commitment from your end of workforce, time, energy and budget. To prevent all that work going to waste, you need to ensure there is as much footfall as possible, so your team can focus on converting leads and talking to prospects. Most stands will try the same old tactics and tricks of giving away tote bags with promotional pens, sweet treats, notebooks and other novelty branded items. If you want to stand out from the crowd, you’ll need something a little bit different.

What if you could provide something no-one else is offering?

In order to not be “just another stand”, you could use a trade show magician! Magic is one of the best ways to gather a crowd together and entertain them. Better yet, it can entertain them with magic they’ve never seen anywhere else as the effects that will be performed will have your product seamlessly integrated into them. This will help to turn passersby into leads that your team can work with without having to use pushy sales tactics.

A professional magician can deliver your company’s branded message, promote your products uniquely and memorably, even deliver the most promising leads directly to your sales team. Resulting in not only more leads from the event, but a higher conversion of those leads into real business for your company.

Making your day a success

At trade shows, one booth will often have different goals and aims for the day from another. Maybe it’s just to introduce your company to the world, and perhaps it’s to get more real leads for your business or even to garner more attention on social media. All of this and more can be achieved with a magician.  

With a few phone calls ahead of the big day, it is possible to get a better understanding of what your primary goal for the event is, what your key message for the day is, and which of your products you would like to have focused on for the day. All of these can then be integrated into the performances with unique new magic effects that are tailored especially to your brand and can even be customised to involve your branded giveaways. Ensuring that customers hold on to them for a much longer time, plus it will give them something to talk about with everyone they meet that day. This can result in more people searching out your stand just to see what the fuss is about and to get a piece of the action for themselves! As a crowd forms, drawn in by the sounds of laughter, screams of joy and the allure of “what are they all doing?”, more people will come to have a look. As each performance throughout the day reaches its climax, your magician can direct all of the leads to talk to your team where your sales representatives can take over.

Choosing your magician

Trade shows are a unique environment that many claim they can do, treating it like a standard private party. The truth is, it is a wholly different environment. People haven’t come to a trade show to see magic, they are there for business and convincing people to stop with their standard repertoire of card tricks will not cut it. You will need a professional magician, one who can stand out from the crowd and can handle the responsibility of representing your brand in what can be a very hostile environment. Only you can know if they will fit in with the branding of your company. So get in touch to see if we will make a good fit.

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