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Magic is unlike many other art forms because of how much goes into it. A good magician has to be dextrous, clever, charming, quick witted, able to think on their feet, resourceful and hundred's of other adjectives. This is because magicians often have to incorporate so many different factors into even the simplest of magical effects. The most basic card trick still requires the magician to be able to manage their audience, control their attention, mislead with their patter and remain a cool exterior at all times. They have had to study numerous topics such as psychology, both for a crowd and an individual, self control, emotional understanding, steadfast inner confidence, self motivation and many other different facets. Because of this collage of abilities required to be a performer in the magical arts, magicians can make for some of the best consultants. This is because as a magician you learn to look at a problem from every solution and consider possibilities that just wouldn't be apparent to someone who hasn't "seen behind the curtain"!

So if you are facing a problem that seems unsolvable, get in touch to have a free consultation with Magician Maximillian Rendall who can apply his considerable experience and expertise to help solving whatever you might be facing!

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