Private Parties

Whatever the occasion, every event can be improved with the inclusion of some great entertainment! Magic is often the best entertainment to add to an event because of the versatility of the art form. With over a decades worth of experience, Magician Maximillian Rendall will know just how to add that something extra to your event. Perhaps it's a birthday party and your looking for a unique surprise for the celebrant, or maybe your family reunion could use a bit of entertainment that will have everyone enthralled whether they're 9 or 90.

Having a magician at your private event can help take the pressure off you as they entertain your guests in the "low" moments between a course, or during a drinks reception when everyone is still warming up to one another, or even as a bit of entertainment after the meal while everyone is allowing their stomachs to settle after the delicious food you've provided!

Whatever the reason for your get together, Magician Max "is the perfect addition to any party" - Sienna Miller

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