corporate events

Corporate events now happen all year round, whether it is the company christmas party, an annual milestone, or celebrating the success of the company. They are always fun, but we all know that feeling where they seem to blur into one another, particularly if you attend more than just your own company's events! As this becomes the norm, with companies using the oppurtunity to wine and dine interested parties, staff inviting significant others and who knows who else might have snuck onto the guest list, it can be all the more important to ensure your event sticks out from the crowd.  

There's no better way to make your event unique with the minimal amount of effort, than to have the right kind of magician at your event. Magician Maximillian Rendall has over a decades worth of experience and he can apply that knowledge directly to making sure every single one of your guests has a memorable night that they won't soon forget! Having performed for corporations at events everywhere around the world from as far afield as a cruise around Sydney Harbour, and as close to home as in the Natural History Museum, Magician Max has always left an impression.

The largest benefit of having a magician with a skillset like Maximillian, is not only the instant impression he will leave on your guests while performing, but the effect it will have on them after he has moved onto entertain the next table or group of people. Magic provides one of the most powerful talking points that allows your guests to easily intermingle and get to know one another, breaking the ice in a way no other form of entertainment can. Getting complete strangers to hold hands, only to open them and find something impossible there, is something only a magician can do.

You can be sure your next corporate function will be the one everyone is talking about for years to come when you have get Magician Max Rendall to perform for your guests!

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