Close-up magic

If you have ever seen a magic performed within arms reach, then you have seen close up magic. There is a huge difference though, between your neice or nephew performing the card trick they learnt the other day, and watching a professional magician at work. Magician Max Rendall has been learning close up magic for over ten years, having cut his teeth as a performer on the streets of Sydney, he was soon booked to perform magic in a restaurant and began doing private parties. From there, under the tutelage of two of Sydney's best magicians, he began performing in a cabaret show to guests in between acts and warming up the crowd for the main event. All of this experience has helped turn Maximillian into one of the most entertaining close up magicians in the world, having performed for members of various royal families, celebrities and huge corporate functions entertaining CEOs and the like.

Close up magic can take many forms; mix and mingle magic, where Max will wander around an event such as a drinks reception, entertaining groups of guests at a time, bringing strangers together and encouraging people to get involved, both with the magic and the event at hand. There is table magic, where Max will walk amongst your gusts in between courses entertaining your gusts at their table, forging new friendships between everyone at the table and performing magic using what is at hand, such as borrowed money, wine bottles and even the wine itself! All performed right under the spectators nose so there is no space for doubt about the existence of magic!

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