• Why All Magicians Should Visit Vegas Once in Their Life

  • August 09, 2021

  • Why All Magicians Should Visit Vegas Once in Their Life

    Las Vegas is known as The City of Lights, a bustling metropolis in the desert that never sleeps.

    At all hours of the day and night, a visitor to Vegas can find something to do. It is famous for its casinos and resorts, offering high stakes games to those with the means and passion for such things. It is a place for a student of casino games to learn their trade, hone their skills and, hopefully, come out as a big winner. Whether that comes from scouring a poker hand ranking chart and winning big or mastering the art of the slot machine by repetition, a gamer can become better simply by visiting Vegas.

    As a magician, the same applies. Vegas has become something of a go-to destination for magicians over the years for many reasons. Not only is it a centre for gaming, but it is a hub for entertainment, with shows featuring some of the world’s best magicians. That’s where we start our roundup of why a magician should visit Vegas at least once in their life.

    Learn From the Best

    Just as a student of casino games can learn in Vegas, a student of magic can get up close and personal with some of the world’s best. In 2021, illusionists and magicians such as Penn and Teller, David Copperfield and Mat Franco put on shows at top venues. It’s a great chance to watch bona fide legends do their thing on stage, and that is crucial. Magic is only part of the show; it’s the personality, the presence and persona which make the show. Watching the greats in action can only help a magician’s own show improve.


    Magic comes in and out of fashion, but as an interview with top magician Mat Franco pointed out, it is back in vogue in the Nevada desert. There is a sense of community amongst the magicians there, and as such, it is a welcoming place for those at all levels of the trade. Where magic is around every corner, audiences are more readily available, open to seeing shows, and amazed. Magic isn’t popular in all cities worldwide, so it is worth going where the interest is, at least once in your life as a magician.

    Willing Audiences

    All comedians should go to the Edinburgh Festival once in their life: why? Because the crowds are there for comedy, they’re willing to hear new acts and laugh at new things. To a degree, the same goes for magic and Las Vegas. The fact it is fashionable means audiences are used to seeing magic shows; they’re almost willing to try out new acts, to be amazed and mystified. One of the key components of a magician’s show is an invested audience, and Vegas has a constant stream of people open to new ideas and experiences. Couple that with the city’s thirst for magic shows, and you have the perfect storm for a magician.

    Perry Maynard’s Las Vegas Magic Shop

    Finally, it might not be the reason to visit, but Perry Maynard’s Las Vegas Magic Shop is certainly another reason to drop by the Nevada desert. You can find magic shops in all corners of the globe, but this one is great. It even won the International Magicians Society award for Best Magic Shop in Las Vegas, so if you are on a trip to Vegas for the magic, be sure to add this to the long list of reasons you went in the first place.


    This post was written by Jayden Brady 

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