• Why did I want to learn to be a magician? Pt 4 – New friends and a new venue

  • October 07, 2019

  • It seems there could be a few more parts to this still. Perhaps it is my fault for keeping each “part” to around the same size as the articles I’ve written so far. But if I didn’t do that, the whole thing would be one article that is just way too long. And I would have less content if I put it out all in one go, so here are the next few noteworthy events!

    The MTV pilot never made it to air, which was a shame, but it left me with an incredible desire to do more stage magic. After finishing my performance on stage that night, my body was flooded with all those lovely chemicals our brain produces. I couldn’t remember the last time I had felt so incredible without the use of...ahem...outside assistance, and even then, this was better. Thus began my stage performing career. Our director, James Karp, began rewriting the show’s script to include me as a stage performer.

    Before my career could take off as a stage magician though, disaster struck again. Our venue was closing down. We were going to have to close up shop again and look for a new venue. I was back to doing just regular performance gigs at private parties.

    James was working away on finding a new venue, and writing a new show, all while looking after his two kids with Simone, his wife. One hell of a task! During this interim, James called me to let me know that they had found another magician to add to the show. That magician gave me a call not long after and suggested coming straight over to hang out and chat about all things magic. He turned up at my door, and that was the first time I met Jackson Aces.

    At the time of writing, Jackson is one of the most successful magicians in Australia and has one of the largest TikTok followings. Back when we first met though, Jackson was already a far more talented sleight of hand artist than I was! We became good friends and begun hanging out with the rest of our “crew” from The Magician’s Cabaret regularly as we planned various things to do with our new show.

    Amazingly, James found a venue. It was a backroom at an RSL, basically a pub, where we could renovate and build the stage we needed. Jackson and James did most of the heavy lifting at this stage, ripping walls down, making the stage and creating the incredible space that it would become. I was still studying at university at this stage and was a little too focused on partying rather than focusing on magic. I would eventually come around.

    Soon, we had a new room, with a stage, magic shop, changing rooms, private kitchen, entrance hall, tabled seating for nearly a hundred people and all the trimmings to make it feel like a real cabaret. The venue was incredible. It was cramped, imperfect, but it was beautiful, and it was ours!

    So began our new regular performance of “La Fortuna” at the Magician’s Cabaret. Jackson and I had characters that we played; he was the mob boss that ran Las Vegas, while I was a down on his luck gambler. We performed alongside five dancers, Simone as the lead singer and James who performed as the showman. We had some incredible times performing in that show, and we would stay there for years to come, all the way up until I left to return to the United Kingdom.

    During my time performing at this incredible venue, I dropped out of university to focus on magic full time. I simply couldn’t bring myself to study when I was making money hand over fist and having such an incredible time doing something I truly loved. I tried being monogamous for the first time since I no longer had time to go “chasing tail” (god that is an awful expression...) on weekends as I was working almost every night. I also performed my own stage show, a full hour of nothing but me on stage performing to what ended up being a full house. Plus, I got to perform at a TEDx event, something I had never even considered a possibility.

    The Magician’s Cabaret, and the people I worked with, helped form me into the magician I am today. But once again, all good things must come to an end and tomorrow I’ll tell you about how I ended up leaving to return to my family back in the UK, along with the reasons behind my second batch of death threats, these were a lot more intense than last time!

    Ooooh, what a cliff hanger! Sorry. Couldn’t resist.

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