• Why did I want to learn to be a magician? Pt 6 – Joining the Magic Circle

  • October 21, 2019

  • I swear I am trying to stick to the “pertinent” details of my life that got me to where I am, but apparently, I enjoy talking about myself a little too much. I cannot thank you enough for continuing to read this drivel.

    On with the story though.

    Having quit my corporate life, I went back to pursuing magic. I had enough money saved up to support myself for a while and began working on my career as a magician again.

    The smartest thing I had done during my time in that office was following through on the process to join the Magic Circle. To this day, something I am still incredibly proud to have achieved.

    Back in Sydney, I had been introduced to Alfred Hayes, a member who I would go on to visit a few times, he lived very far away, and it was difficult to see him regularly. Still, we met every few months to discuss all things magic, sharing stories and reminiscing of the old days. This true gentleman was kind enough to be the proposer for my membership.

    As is the case with many clubs, after finding your proposer, you need a seconder, and I was lucky enough to already know someone who could put me through to the next stage. After submitting the necessary information and documentation, including a written assessment, I was able to move onto the next step, and relatively informal 1-2-1 interview, which I thought went rather well. The final piece of the puzzle was the test.

    I’m not always a scatterbrain, but on the day of the test, which is held at the magic circle clubhouse, I was en route when I got a phone call asking me where I was. I started panicking, and once my painfully slow-moving train finally arrived at Euston train station, I sprinted to the clubhouse.  

    Arriving in a flop sweat, a friendly face, David Weeks greeted me. A phenomenally kind soul who did everything he could to calm me down. I was in luck, the other test taker that day was also late, and so they had delayed everything for us. Thank heavens for David’s calm reassurance!

    I entered, and my test began, which takes the form of a fifteen-minute performance slot where you have to prove your abilities to a room full of magicians and some judges. If I hadn’t already been drenched in sweat, I certainly would have been before long. Quite possibly the toughest, and also the most supportive, audience I’ve ever performed too. I did my best, and it seemed to have gone down well, so I sat back and began the wait for the results.

    I can’t remember how long the wait was, again I must apologise for my useless memory (I can still remember the fact that butterflies taste with their feet if that helps you at all). Still, it was a much less painful wait than it could have been because of my far more painful office job that did an excellent job of distracting me. Eventually, my certificate arrived, and I was a full-blown genuine member of the Magic Circle.

    All was right with the world. I began taking full advantage of my membership, attending every Monday meeting, attempting to network with other magicians. I would get quite star struck when getting to meet some of the incredible magicians I had grown up watching and idolising.

    The amount of work I was getting increased, only a little bit but it was an increase until I made a mess of the whole thing as only a woefully naive “big fish” from Sydney could. I will put all the gory details in my next post, along with the painful lessons I learned.

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