• I have joined the Amazon Associates Program

  • July 13, 2020

  • Today's post may not be of much interest to many of you, but for my own sanity (and also certain legal reasons) I wanted to explain one of the new things that I'll be working on in the background. (In case you were curious, I'm really improving with my "card firing" technique, see yesterday's post if that makes no sense!)

    So, I have joined the Amazon Associates Program.

    What is that?

    The program is one of many affiliate programs available to all of us across the World Wide Web. (Have you ever noticed that it is actually faster to say "World Wide Web" than it is to say "WWW"? Weird isn't it!)

    To sum it up to its most basic form, I will occasionally talk about products such as magic effects, books or DVDs in my posts, but I will also provide links that take you to that product on Amazon. Should you use the link and then make a purchase, I would get a small commission of whatever you purchase. There are limitations, such as that the purchase has to be within twenty-four hours of you clicking the original link, but the important thing, is that it doesn't cost you anything extra.


    Well, there are many benefits to my joining the program. It allows me to monetise my website so that hopefully, I can build a better income to support myself with, while still providing valuable content to you.

    As a magician, all of my income currently comes from paid gigs. I'm not complaining about that, but I want to increase and grow my business. And the best way to do that is to create multiple streams of income, and this is the first one that I want to start working on while I also work on other things.

    So you're selling out?

    I mean, that's a little harsh, but I suppose it is true depending on how you look at it. Sure, there is the temptation just to start pumping out content advertising Amazon products left, right and centre. However, that is not what I'm about until I properly sell out anyway. Admittedly the only way to prove this is just not to do it while sticking to my plan of writing a blog post a day. But it makes sense for me to advertise products I believe in and use myself that I can talk about honestly.

    So what can you expect?

    Well, I don't know yet exactly. I only recently joined the program, and I certainly don't want to turn every post into an advert for a product. But, when I discuss something that I think you may be interested in, it seems silly not to take advantage of something that is readily available, easy to set-up, leave running in the background. At the same time, I carry on with other things: passive income and all that.

    Passive Income?

    Yes, a magician getting into the world of passive income. But it is silly for me not to look into how to get involved with it when I have very lofty goals, along with that desire to grow as I mentioned before. The underlying principle here is that if I only trade my time for money, I will never truly be able to grow, my business has to be successful and profitable without me. Otherwise, it is just an excellent job. But a job all the same. So if I can start to include the occasional "advert" for a product that I believe in, then I can continue to write these posts. I'll also have extra time to write a book, design playing cards, and look at other projects I can be a part of, all while still being able to perform at functions.

    Now what?

    Well, everything continues as normal, I keep writing posts, and keep working towards my goals, all the while continuing to work on my ability to write a better, more engaging blog post. I don't know how you've made it this far, but thank you for reading! Til tomorrow.

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