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  • March 16, 2020

  • For anyone who reads everything I write every day, you may have noticed I didn’t write anything for yesterday. This, of course, flies in the face of my commitment to writing one post a day. (So even though this post may say it was posted on 12/7/2020, it is an out and out internet lie. Scandalous, I know.).

    I have my reasons, though, and it inspired me to write this post. I’ll do another one today to make up for it, but that one will, of course, be posted as being posted on the 13th, see, it’s not all smoke and mirrors here!

    Admittedly I may not have really needed the day off yesterday (today? Should I be writing this whole post as if it is Sunday when I post it? I mean, I’m not going to, that seems dishonest and disingenuous, so I shall continue referring to yesterday, today is Monday after all.). But I felt I deserved it, probably because I was looking for a reason to take the day off, sit on the sofa and play video games all day.

    My justification for taking the day off

    In my defence, the day before had been a bit more eventful than I had hoped. My fiancé, my housemate and his girlfriend all went to a friend’s 30th birthday celebration at their house. It was a socially distanced party, don’t worry, which kicked off at 5 pm. We were on the way when we realised I had left behind the birthday balloon we had bought that morning. This made us about forty-five minutes late to the party—a great start. Now, I had a booking for another party at 9 pm that night, so I left with plenty of time to get changed and do any last-minute preparations. As I arrived, I realised I had left my keys inside, and forgotten to take a set from either my fiancé or my housemate.

    So they sent a set of keys in an Uber, which I patiently waited for on my front doorstep. They arrived, and I still had enough time to do all the necessary prep work and so on. (This is another reason I recommend leaving waaaaaay more time for a gig than you think you think you need). Off I went to the gig, which was a huge success, lovely people (all being responsible with social distancing of course), great crowd and quite a bit of cheering if I do say so myself!

    Then I headed home, got to my front door and realised I had grabbed the wrong set of keys on the way out. I was locked out of my house for the second time in a matter of hours. This time, my fiancé, housemate and his partner all just came home. It took a while as leaving a party always does.

    Not really that stressful a series of events, I grant you, but the delays, waiting around, and lack of time to unwind, meant I was exhausted the following day. So keep the following in mind:

    Self Care

    Now, this expression does get thrown around, a lot, nowadays. However, there is a reason for that. It is something I think we are only now learning about on a global scale as a species. Sometimes, we need to put ourselves first. How can we be there to care, nurture and love someone else if we can’t even do that for ourselves?

    The key is not to indulge too much or too often. Just be sure to take the time to listen to yourself about what you need. Don’t delay all gratification for too long, or you might forget why you’re doing all of this.

    Take Time off

    A little bit like the last post, as taking time off can be a form of self-care, but I mean some actual downtime. The time where you switch off, other than just sleeping that is. Now, this time off can take many different forms, but it should be in some way relaxing! What it is for you could be wildly different from everyone else. For me, it’s playing video games or a good fiction novel. For my fiancé it’s watching The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, my housemate watches football games.

    Whatever it is that you enjoy, do it every once in awhile, just for yourself.

    Daily Practices

    I’m a big fan of building daily habits (he says having not done any of them on the day this post is pretending to have come out), and you should put some in that are about looking after yourself. (I had to work very hard not to write self-care in that sentence).

    The point I’m trying to get at here is that you should have daily habits that are about looking after your health, mentally and physically. Make sure you are getting enough sleep, that you’re drinking enough water, eating healthy foods, exercising regularly, and all those things that we thought were boring as kids. Trust me, and your future self will thank you!


    Take a holiday every once in a while. I’d recommend one or two a year depending on how hard you’re working yourself. Again, this is a purely subjective thing, but I grew up averaging around that many, so I’m predisposed to having that many. Admittedly, now that I’m working at something I love, I’m less inclined to want to go on holidays all the time. However, it is good to unplug, detach and take some time to be with the ones you care about the most in your life.

    In fact, that’s given me an idea, “today’s” post will be about travel. Yeah, I’m sold. And then I’m back on track not to be a confusing muppet when it comes to explaining times!

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