• 6 areas you need to be thinking about when it comes to self grooming

  • February 10, 2020

  • We all know hygiene is essential. It’s part of our everyday life. It’s also an area that I did not give enough attention for far too long, always doing the bare minimum. After gaining a bit of experience working with people in our industry, though, I’ve managed to pick up a couple of tips around the key areas that need our attention.

    A quick note, most of these will be targeting boys. After all, we all know boys are gross, and girls are pretty, smell nice and can do no wrong. Seriously though, I can only provide so much advice for girls in this area. However, these areas are still ones you need to be focusing on; I’m just going to be targeting the tips at the male audience since that is probably the best area for my knowledge (except for the last area, which is far more female-centric).

    Most of these areas will, of course, be very much considering things for a close-up magician. Still, given HD filming and the power of modern cameras, you may as well assume that everyone can see everything, even if you are performing on stage!

    1) Finger Nails

    Your nails are by far and away the most important area you need to be thinking about regularly. If you bite your nails, you need to stop immediately. I cannot stress this enough. As magicians, we work primarily with our hands, there are, of course, some exceptions, and your audience will look at them, and they will judge you if they are disgusting.

    You don’t have to get manicures all the time, but if you’ve never had one, I would highly recommend getting them every once in a while or at the very least before an important gig. I get one about once a month, and this alone made me stop biting my nails; I used to destroy my fingertips, and it was not a pretty sight.

    2) Hair

    I mean specifically the luscious locks growing out of the top of your head. I know this is an obvious one, but sometimes you need to hear the obvious ones again! Get a good haircut. The longer your hair is, the more you are going to have to spend. And by “have to” I don’t just mean because it will cost more to get it done, but because if you go to the local barber to deal with your shoulder-length hair, they may end up butchering it, they may not, but I wouldn’t risk it. If it’s a shorter cut you’re going for, then, by all means, those guys will be just the ticket!

    Your character or persona, along with your costume, will be a massive help at influencing your hair choice. The first time you get it cut a new way, I would recommend a chat with a hairstylist as they can help design a haircut that suits your facial shape and body while remaining faithful to your persona.

    3) Armpits

    You don’t need to shave your armpits, but I would recommend trimming them. There are a host of reasons both in favour and against shaving your armpits, and they have a “terminal length” which is where they stop growing, but I would recommend trimming them. The benefit here is the reduction in body odour which can be one of the most off-putting things for an audience when you walk up to them.

    4) Facial Hair

    Grooming your facial hair is essential, making sure you are presentable and the like. However, I want to highlight the most critical areas that aren’t your beard. After all, a beard in and of itself is a vast area of focus; there are entire blogs around nothing but beards! So instead, I want to talk about these three facial hair areas:

    I. Nose and Ear Hair

    Trim it. Please. Please trim it. Buying one of those little hair trimmers may be a bit overkill, but take a bit of time to make sure there are no stragglers.

    II. Eyebrows

    Get rid of the monobrow, some people can pull it off, and you may be one of them, but chances are you are not. I would recommend plucking any long hairs along with those that seem to be growing a little further afield from the rest of the pack.

    Whether you have hairy slugs, as I do, or you’re at the other end of the spectrum with more delicate eyebrows, absolutely doesn’t matter, I’m just suggesting you give them the attention they deserve and groom them.

    III. Lips

    If you are growing a beard, you won’t have to worry about this so much, but if you aren’t, make sure you don’t have any stragglers. If you are growing a beard, maybe consider trimming your moustache, or guiding it out of the way, so as not to cover your lips.

    Now I know this can be a sensitive topic for ladies, and I do apologise. But if you do have any hairs on your upper lip, I strongly recommend you remove them in whichever fashion you prefer.

    Before I finish, I would like to say that you take all of my thoughts and advice with a pinch of salt. They are just my hastily thrown together thoughts on the matter. However, we do work in the entertainment industry, and sometimes appearances can matter immensely. Of course, if your character is someone who wouldn’t pay attention to any of this, then neither should you! After all, with everything I post here, it is just meant to get you thinking!


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