• 2021 A new year, a new me (a new magician?)

  • January 20, 2021

  • A new year, a new me (a new magician?)

    I know, I just used that awful expression that causes the most aggressive eye rolls in all of us. Myself included! So why on earth would I use this horrendous expression? Well, for the only reason I could, that I've kickstarted a whole new game plan for myself.

    Let me explain. My last post was in August of last year, which is appalling. However, there is no sense pretending it hasn't happened and letting that hang over my head, depressing me as I began the impossible task of trying to throw up an endless stream of articles until I'm back at the present day.

    Also, so much has changed since then, that it seems silly not to simply embrace the fresh start that is the year 2021, especially after the sh*tshow that was 2020!

    I am engaged, my cat died, I got two more cats, I have turned 31 and a host of other eventful occasions (as you can no doubt tell from the high calibre ones that have reached the "worth mentioning" list!). So, a new year, a new me, and a new magician, with new magic and a better outlook. So how am I doing things differently to start making substantial strides towards my goals? Well, it all starts with…

    A Kickass Morning Routine

    If there is one thing I'm learning as we continue into the third week of the year (the year only officially started on the 4th of January, and I will die on that hill, so don't fight me on this!), is that self-improvement and growth are not exciting. I mean, it is, but the day in, day out work, is dull and repetitive. Particularly at this early stage of creating habits and getting one's "ducks in order". So, here is the current version of my morning routine:


    6.30 am – Alarm goes off, out of bed before the appeal of hitting that snooze button rears its ugly head.

    Drink some water, feed the cats and go for 20-minute walk (1hr walk on Sundays).

    Mon/Wed/Fri/Sat – do a guided 45-minute workout followed by complete body stretching and then shower

    Breakfast (Weetabix and banana), more water and then meditate (I use an app called Atom that I cannot recommend highly enough!). This is the first time I can look at my phone for the day ahead.

    Complete my daily chess puzzles (also free). I'm a nerd, and I love chess, let me know if you ever want a game!


    And that's about it. It is a work in progress, and I fully intend to add more steps to it. Currently, I am trying to add journaling, affirmations and visualisation tasks to it. But if there is one thing I have learned over the years of trying to better myself, is that you need to avoid dumping too much on yourself at once. Otherwise you burnout and end up worse off than when you started. If you're interested in more information on this I would highly recommend the following books:

    Atomic Habits

    The Miracle Morning

    Tools for Titans

    They both provide a great overview on this topic and have proven very useful references for me. Tools for Titans in particular is a phenomenal resource when used properly.

    Daily Tasks

    The rest of my day is more free form, but I try to avoid jumping from task to another to rapidly. MULTITASKING IS NOT A REAL THING! So avoid that at all costs! Focus on one thing at a time and knock it out of the park before moving on.

    But the things I try and get done each day, aside from any performances or lessons I have booked in, are the various education courses I am in. At the moment, I am working my way through the "One Funnel Away Challenge" which is proving challenging and interesting. There is also the Sales Kickstart challenge from "Clear Sales Message", another great course. I'll do a full review of them once they are complete and provide links when the time comes, but I don't want to render judgement too early!

    A lot of the rest of my time at the moment is trying to squeeze in time to practice new magic tricks with particular reference to my character (I cannot stress how important character is! Which is why I'm linking all these articles here! DO IT!), also still a work in progress, and trying to learn new effects that are suitable to teach my students. Some of them are learning far too quickly…

    Daily NOT To-Do tasks

    Yes, you read that right. Another big part of my day is what not to do at any given moment. This week, I've cut out all sugar treats, chocolate and generally any confectionery. I'm not watching any TV or playing any video games. I cannot express how difficult that is, and how much easier it is to have it written down in a visible place to see.

    Make them visible

    What has been one of the biggest helps for keeping both myself and my fiancé on track, is having a big poster board (like this one) and we have both written our weekly goals, aims and challenges that we want to overcome/complete. Seeing it every time we waver, makes for a great incentive to stay on track.


    So, to avoid burning out all over again, that is it for this week. It feels good to be writing again and I look forward to coming up with more interesting content for you all. (Particularly stuff that is more focused on magic, so watch this spot for some reviews and more tips on anything magic!)

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