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  • August 24, 2020

  • How can you learn magic without being there in person?

    With social distancing a regular part of our lives now, learning magic in person is not an option these days. In fact, most events are online these days, most of my performances are now Online Zoom performances! But even if we were to sit outside at a coffee shop, I live in England, where rain is all too common alongside wind and bitterly cold temperatures. All of which are not conducive to the learning experience.

    So, our only option these days is to take a lesson online, which is not as alien as we might think. I started learning magic online, using video tutorials and pre-recorded lessons through a website like YouTube and Vimeo. I also collected books and DVDs teaching how to learn magic, all of which we do under one’s own steam.

    When I talked about learning magic before, I spoke about how the most important factors is having a mentor or a teacher. Someone you can specifically speak to, as you can get feedback that will help boost your learning and allow for tailoring the focus of each class to the needs of the students.

    What are the disadvantages of learning magic online?

    There is no argument that to have lessons in person would make for the best tutoring to learn magic, but as I mentioned, that is not possible these days. At least not without putting people at risk, violating government guidelines and a host of other good reason.

    Without having someone there to actively grab one of your fingers and put them in precisely the right position, the student has to figure it out on their own and learn to follow purely spoken instruction with only a visual guide for reference. Though, that is not always such a bad thing.

    What are the advantages of learning magic online?

    Because the teacher cannot just move a student’s finger into the right place, they must learn to do it themselves, which in the long run, is far more beneficial for muscle memory and the learning process. The student must join the dots themselves, creating the neural pathways needed to perform the moves themselves, learning through trial and error, but with guidance.

    A significant advantage of online learning is often that the teacher can control exactly which angle the student sees the moves or sleights. It can be challenging to show certain angles to a student that a manipulated camera can provide with much less hassle.

    By having the lesson performed online via Zoom or a similar platform, the student can study in their own home, allowing them to practice in a comfortable environment for them, preventing anxiety and nerves from rising due to being in a new environment.

    Doing lessons online also allows for multiple participants to see everything from the same angle at the same time. So, no late arrivals have to worry about being stuck at the back of the room unable to see what is going on!

    Lessons can also be more affordable as they do not have to incorporate travel expenses for the teacher and can save time since the student will not have to travel to and from the lessons.

    In many ways, learning online is not only our only option now, but the best one!

    What kind of magic can you learn online?

    All of it. Any of it. There are no limitations on the kind of magic you can learn through a computer screen. Yes, it can be a bit “limiting” not being there in person. But now, it does not matter where in the world you are; you can still have your scheduled lesson. I currently have students in America, South Africa, England, and across Europe. Usually, I would never be able to reach this many people so easily without racking up huge expenses.

    I focus on teaching sleight of hand magic for most of my students as it provides them with the best introduction into magic and to get their fingers used to the complicated sleights that are worth learning further down the line. With a bit of that under a student’s belt, I can round out their knowledge with magic theory and concepts such as misdirection, patter, timing and all those little things that go into making a magic trick, a magic effect!

    How can I improve my learning?

    Practice, practice, and more practice!

    With the guidance of a teacher, practice is what will make your magic stand out. Even if it is a self-working magic trick, learning to be comfortable with the props, to be smooth in how you speak and being gentle with the props will take time to learn. Combining this will result in the kind of magic performance you can be proud of showing to the world.

    Round out your knowledge by watching magicians every chance you get. Read magic books on the topics that interest you. Get involved in the community, and you could learn all sorts of things!

    So get in touch today to see if learning magic is right for you!

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