Interested in Hiring a Wedding Magician?

When it comes to celebrating the happiest day of your life, what better way could there be than to have a one of a kind performance from an internationally trained magician?

Magician Maximillian Rendall has over 10 years of experience performing magic all over the world, a member of several elite magic clubs, including the prestigious Magic Circle.  

Having a wedding magician is becoming more and more popular as couples look for fun and different entertainment ideas to entertain their guests and make their big day one to remember. If you’re also looking for a Wedding Magician to entertain your guests, leaving them spellbound, stunned and amazed, you need look no further!

Why Hire a Wedding Magician?

Often when it comes to weddings, most of the guests may have never met before; as such they sometimes need a little encouragement to talk to one another. A Magician is a perfect ice breaker, giving people a reason to come together as a group and then giving them all a talking point around which they can discuss and get to know one another.

Even the guests who aren’t directly involved in each performance, can hear the sounds of people screaming, laughing and generally enjoying themselves, which will build the suspense, curiosity and excitement of your big day!

If you’ve ever been to a wedding, I’m sure you can recall moments when there wasn’t very much going on, leaving guests to their own devices, not that that is the end of the world by any means! This could happen between courses, while the bride and groom are having their private photo shoot or while waiting for them to arrive after the ceremony. These moments are the perfect opportunities to have a bit of extra entertainment thrown in to help everything throughout the day continue smoothly.

When it comes to photographs, having a magician can mean you get fantastic shots of your guests enjoying themselves to the fullest extent! After all, everyone looks better when they’re smiling!

When should you have your Wedding Magician Perform?

During the Photographs

Immediately after the ceremony, there is usually a window of time where the bride and groom are having their personal photo shoot done, followed by group photos of the immediate family and wedding party. This is the perfect time to have a magician walk around amongst your guests entertaining them and helping them all come together



During meal-time

Whenever there is a sit down meal for your guests, by it place seated or otherwise, your guests can easily end up sat next to people they haven’t met yet or just don’t know very well. They’re also often going to be sat next to one another for up to three hours depending how your day is scheduled.


This is the perfect time for a bit of magic, it provides a wonderful focus for the whole table as they wait for the next course, or round of drinks, to arrive in front of them. Table magic often provides a wonderful stage for your Wedding Magician to perform, but also frees up your guests hands to get involved with the performance, handling props and the like without having to balance a glass and a canapé in one hand.


During the Evening Reception

After a delicious meal and the speeches have been given, the evening reception can begin. There will no doubt be a band or a DJ to provide music, but not everyone will be ready to dance right away, they will in time of course! Though before that moment arrives, this is another lovely moment to have your guests entertained.


Magicians often describe what they do as energising an audience and uplifting them, what better time to help your guests liven up and encourage them to start jumping with joy!?


Prices for Hiring a Wedding Magician


Magician Maximillian does not put his prices up on the website because all Weddings are unique and the prices should reflect that! There are only a few bits of information needed to get an accurate quote and they are:

• What time you would like the performance

• Your chosen location of Wedding Venue

• How long you would like the performance to be

• Number of Wedding Guests

• Which services you would like included

With these details, it will be much easier for Magician Maximillian Rendall to provide you the perfect quote for your perfect day.

Call now on 07760 228602 to discuss your booking.

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