Are you interested in learning magic? Maybe you’re looking to kick start your career as a magician, looking to learn something to impress your friends, or a special birthday present, or perhaps you need a consultation on how to improve some magic you’re working on!

Whatever your magic related needs, Magician Maximillian Rendall offers high-calibre 1-on-1 lessons teaching you magic in whatever form you need. Magician Max will teach you the kind of magic effects you can be proud to show off in any setting. While practising by yourself is an essential part to being a good magician, if you really want to improve, it is not only helpful but essential to have some input and guidance from an experienced mentor.

No matter what level you are currently at with your abilities, Max can help you master moves and techniques from the most basic to the highest level. On top of this, he can offer advice on everything else that goes into performing magic, be it the psychology, the outfit, the presentation and theme of your style, all those little details that that will allow you to elicit much stronger reactions from your audience. If you are interested in monetising your hobby, Maximillian can also offer advice on how to go from performing in front the mirror, to entertaining an audience anywhere from 5 to 500 on above.

Over the years, Max has taught and mentored many new magicians, of a variety of ages and abilities. He is widely acknowledged to be a patient, encouraging and effective teacher, who gives honest, constructive feedback and will go to any lengths to ensure his students get the most from their lessons. So whatever your level, you can be sure you are in great hands.

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