Cabaret magic is the type of magic that sits between close up and stage magic. While close up magicians perform at your table or while roving amongst your gusts, entertaining up to fifteen people at a time, stage magicians will perform for over a hundred people. A cabaret performance, also sometimes called a parlour magic show, is usualy for anywhere between ten to seventy people at once, depending on the layout of the room.

When it comes to cabaret magic, it is performed without the aid of microphones or a stage. The advantages though are that a magician can perform some of those larger effects that just don't make sense when performing to a small group of people, while still offering the intimacy of being close enough to the magic to feel involved.

After performing close up magic to a room of people, having a final round of magic designed for the whole room can provide a wonderful closing act for the magician and ensure that everyone has had a chance to see something impossible

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