Hi, my name is Maximillian.


I’m going to lie to you, and you’re going to thank me for it.


That’s because I’m a magician. I won’t be lying to you here by the way, just once I’m entertaining at your event!


I was born in London, raised by a Mother who sold real estate and a father who worked as a journalist. Despite having three children, a full time job and a long list of pets, our parents where the best we could have asked for. Dad had already raised a lion called Christian so I think he had all the experience he would ever need!


I was a straight A student, with razor sharp focus on my studies, until I moved to Sydney for university where in 2009 I came across a trick on YouTube of a simple card effect using only three cards. There was something impossible in the simplicity of it that meant I had to learn how it was done! Cut to three months later and I’d spent numerous nights alone in my room practicing (though everyone thought I was up to something else entirely….) and I was finally ready to start showing off what I had learnt. To great success! I quickly started being invited to more and more events, before I was offered a job working in a restaurant. From there I was invited to perform in a cabaret show where I worked for over five years.


I have now moved back to London, joined the magic circle and continue to perform wherever and

whenever I can!